Episode 14 • LADY BUNNY, Lama Gyurme + Happy Renewal Year 2021

Happy Renewal Year 2021

Listen to “LSP 14.. Lady Bunny, Lama Gyurme + Happy Renewal Year” on Spreaker.

Lady Bunny and Lama Gyurme join us for Late Supper at the Midnight Diner (newish name, same show).

Hide your kids hide your wife it’s LADY BUNNY. We talk theatre, art, performance and OLD SCHOOL dance. The in-bed (cause she’s old) in-depth (cause she’s thick as a brick) conversation. 

photo: ladybunny.net














Find out how Lady Bunny’s career is over at: ladybunny.net


LAMA GYURME • I met Lama years ago when doing volunteer work in Edinburgh. He’s got a few thoughts on doing life differently – without a lot of pomp – just simply walking the walk.








He’s also starting a simplified meditation group with the regular programme for English speakers. Check his listing out here:


Attention foodies: you need to know about FERAGAIA

For those who are READY FOR REAL FREEDOM:

The Freedom, Come All Ye – Hamish Henderson

“Freedom Come All Ye” performed by Karine Polwart in The Italian Chapel, Orkney August 2013. from Andy Crabb on Vimeo.

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