Episode 15 Silence, Violence + Ferlinghetti Farewell

OK! OK! I hear ya’ Gaya, Daniel, John and Vincent! Here’s the late-latest! Thanks for listening 🙂

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  1. Taking the WAR out of our words:
    delete: war, slay, kill, killed-it, slayed, destroyed.decent article on the subject:

    FINANCIAL TIMES: The language of war has no place in cultural debates
    Recent events are a violent reminder of how the rhetoric of conflict can spill into the real worldhttps://www.ft.com/content/e76da616-1fc5-4ff9-93de-08bb418704dc

  2. Climate Change + POPULATION CONTROL … some good info here:

    THE WORLD AND THE UN MUST REDUCE POPULATION GROWTHhttps://populationmatters.org/news/2019/09/12/world-and-un-must-reduce-population-growth

  3. Love they Coral Reefer • ChasingCoral.com
    Half gone in seven years, if the other half doesn’t live, we’re pretty much doomed.

4. Some great info on the champion of he modern literary canon Lawrence Ferlinghetti


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  1. Hi Martin,

    I can’t believe I missed this episode, I thought I had run through them all. A curse upon my house!

    What you were saying about the language of violence was on point. We have all been desensitized to violence and that shows in our language. I’d like to broaden that conversation to include the language of disrespect, of impoliteness, of entitlement, and of incivility. This is what we see in the media, this is how we see our leaders act. A lack of respect begets a lack of compassion, which begets a lack of empathy. Without empathy, public discourse breaks down because everything winds up an us versus them issue and the “us” is never going to budge.

    This is what kids are learning, instead of critical thinking. It does not bode well for society. Where do we think we are going and how are we going to improve things if we cannot have civil public discourse?

    This kind of segues into the climate change issue, in that we are going to have to learn to help each other, for real, and fast or we are going to wind up looking like Mad Max. And yes, overpopulation is a big issue, but think of how much resource is wasted every year and what would happen if we could redistribute it to help more people. We could feed everyone, we could provide water and housing to everyone. But is that ever going to happen? We’ll see. Thing are going to get a lot worse before they get better. Not the first society to collapse and not the last.

    The coral bleaching is pretty scary stuff, plus we have glaciers melting, and another couple of degrees the permafrost thaws out and releases more (like LOTS more) carbon dioxide and methane into the atmosphere, then another degree or two and all the bodies of fresh water start having toxic algae blooms the kill all the fish and render them undrinkable. Meanwhile either drought or flooding (depending on where you happen to be standing) will cause massive crop failures. Plenty of other stuff happening too, these are just my favorites. It will be interesting to see how we deal with it all. Or not.

    Also, about how you feel about the words, “iconic” and, “aesthetic”, my word is, “epic”. No, your birthday cake wasn’t epic. Seriously. I also don’t reply, “LOL” to something unless I actually laughed out loud, but that’s just me.

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