Episode 12 • Kramer vs. Covid, Angi’s Inspiration, Happy Dammit

Back in the saddle! Sorry for the long silence, life happened. But, am back on the case.

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Kramer vs. Covid

I revised Larry’s iconic ActUP call to action speech in reflection of Covid-19

1991 ActUP Speech by Larry Kramer

“PLAGUE. We’re talking about a fucking PLAGUE. And you behave like this.”

“Every person I talk to in every city, in every agency — gay, straight, AIDS black, white, rich, poor — is as despondent as they can possibly be,”

“The Government and the media has been taken over by a lunatic fringe,

I We all deserve a little fucking respect for what I we have have done endured in this world, And I don’t know no one knows what to do next.”

I don’t know No one knows what kind of organization to start. I don’t know No one knows how to give advice.  I don’t know No one knows how to lead anyone, should they want to follow,”

I don’t know No one knows what to write anymore. I don’t know No one knows how to write any more articles because I’ve it’s been said what I have said to you tonight in one form or another for 10 6 fucking years months: We are as good as dead”

In July, after a case of lung cancer, one of my best friends Angi Lamb passed. She was an inspiration, lived in the moment and served as a positive entity for loads of people. In fact, sometimes I couldn’t tell who was taking care of whom.













































Learn how to take the spooky out of death with Caitlin Doughty









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  1. Hi Martin,
    Another excellent episode. So sorry to hear about Angi, she sounds like an incredible woman. Sure, a “death episode” can be a downer, but it is also a celebration of life, and important to talk about.
    I remember reading about Caitlin Doughty, she is doing some really good and important work. Though she makes me wonder if one can become too comfortable with death. She has a way of being casual without being disrespectful that is very appealing, if that makes sense.
    Thanks for the shoutout! I was all excited over here. That’s what I like most about the podcast, I think, that it seems like you are right here.

    Hope all is well, take care,

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